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CEC Rules

Basic Server rules

Forum Rules

Mods for Minecraft

Complaint and Unban Process







Donation Rules

Zoning Laws

Basic Server Rules

No Griefing or Stealing.

No Spamming or Advertising

No Lotto spamming

No Multiple lines of chat of repeated chat

No countdowns

No Influencing Spam

No Harassing Other members of CEC.

Unlocked items are unsafe.

No Racism, Sexism or Homophobia.

No player will use a hack, or unapproved mod.

Players will not use hacked or unowned accounts on CEC.

Do not ask for items from staff.

Do not lie about donating.

No player will post links to inappropriate content.

Duplicating Items or Exploits will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions about rules please ask a CEC staff.

English only in Main Chat.

No Fully Automated Farms.

Respect all CEC staff.

All players will accept the punishments for breaking rules.


Forum Rules

All posts will be appropriate and respectful.

No spamming or advertising in the forums.

Keep posts relevant to the Topic.

If you post an application please fill it in correctly and completely. failure to do so will result in denial of the application. If you are unsure of what you are doing, ask a staff member for help.



Players caught using hacked clients or cheating mods will be banned. If you are unsure if a mod is safe/legal to use, just ask one of the staff members and they will let you know.

Banned mods




Allowed mods



-Gamma Bright




All complaints and issues must be proven by a screen shot and pointing out which rule was broken in this page. Without a screen shot it will be considered a null complaint. To take a screenshot the default key is F2.


Unban Process

There are two ways of getting unbanned.

Apply on the forums for a Ban Appeal.

If we have denied your appeal your other option is Unban token from the Shop. Unban tokens do not protect you from further bans. Please only purchase if you are serious about coming back.



Trolling in any way will result in punishment by the staff as required.

Trolling only causes people on the server undue stress and impacts the overall gameplay of the server.

This includes but is not limited to:

Following a player around after you have been asked to leave them alone (in non PVP areas)

Griefing in the wild with the intent of angering a player.

Killing players in the main world in non PVP areas. Such as pushing players of tall building or cliffs by

any means (snowballs or pistons etc…) or waiting for a player to cross a bridge then open it so they fall.

Harassing members by chat or any other means is prohibited.

Placing sand above a hole to try and suffocate a player.


Negative Intent

You as a player on the server must have good intentions, if any mod or player feels that you're continuous actions are not to benefit the server or the players within, you can be banned for simply not having "Good Intent" on the server.



Griefing is and will always be an issue on our server. What is griefing you ask? It is any action that damages or destroys a players build or creation. There are two types of griefing listed below. Any player caught griefing will be dealt with at the discretion of the staff at that time.


  1. Grief in protected regions. If you grief in a protected town you will be dealt with by staff. We have really amazing software that tracks all player block interactions and we can easily track down the offending player. If banned the only way to have a chance to return to the server is to file a proper appeal in the section on the forums.


  1. Grief in the wild. This is uncontrollable as the wild is not protected in any way. If you build in the wild you understand your building or creations will possibly be destroyed the next time you log in. However if a player follows you and is griefing you as you are building then that is considered trolling and is able to be dealt with by our staff.



We do not tolerate any cheating on our server. Any player caught cheating will be banned for it. Cheating is anything that will give you an unfair advantage over another player such as X-ray.


Dupes and Bugs

Mojang releases a lot of updates as well as our plugins get updated frequently due to this bugs and issues may arise. Users who find a bug are expected to report it to a staff member so a fix may be found. Users who fail to report such issues risk looking like cheaters and being punished if caught. This goes for dupes as well there are fewer and fewer but occasionally one arises, users will not abuse dupes and users caught will be banned for cheating.



Chat is open to all and is considered a Mature Environment. So this allows you to swear in chat. This does not mean you can harass or cause grief upon people . Users who break chat rules will be warned, kicked, banned, muted or any combination the staff deems fair and reasonable at that time.



Here in CEC we have a multiverse for you to explore and enjoy. First you spawn in the Main world, then you can travel to either the Mining or Nether.

Main World

In this world PVP is disabled except in certain areas where a PVP arena has been built. The main world is a safe place to build and enjoy minecraft without the fear of being killed or your structure being destroyed by mobs. Mobs are disable in the main world and any player caught killing players in non PVP areas will be punished.

Mining World

This world is entirely PVP and has mobs. There are no rules against griefing or killing players here. The world is reset occasionally so it is not recommended to build there.


Similar to the mining world except that its the Nether.


Donation rules

All donations are appreciated. But are final and non refundable. Some donation features are created by plugins, and as these can be very helpful they can be taken away at anytime due to the plugin makers not updating with a new Minecraft Version or you may lose features for an undetermined amount of time until they are updated. All donations go to maintaining and improving our hardware and features programmed for your benefit. Once again we appreciate all donations and they only make the server better for all players and members.


Zoning Rules

If your town you wish to make borders with another town, the owner of that town must approve its placements if it is within 16 blocks. If you are further than 16 blocks no agreement needs to be made.

If a town is in your way, it is up to you to speak with the town owner and either buy it and have it deleted or have them remove the town, or simply take the town over.